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Polishing Car Tire

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Prices subject to change based on vehicle and condition.


Get your car shining on the outside.

Wash wheels, wheel well and barrel

Pressure wash pre rinse
Hand wash with pH neutral soap and rinse

Apply paint sealant for up to 3 months of protection

starting at $85

Interior & Exterior

Get the "All In" Detailing  package.

 Full interior package
Full exterior package door

starting at $190


Get the new car smell back.

 Deep clean & vacuum all

Wash all hard surfaces in vehicle: door panels, dash, infotainment center, consoles, and cup holders

Dress plastics in UV protectant

Clean glass

starting at $140


Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating

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Washing the Car

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Want more?


Add these options to your detailing package

Pet Hair Removal


Shampoo Seats & Carpets


Shampoo Seats


Headlight Restoration


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